Monday, August 11, 2014


August what a lucky month .I got a chance work as crew for CN BLUE CAN'T STOP LIVE CONCERT!:)

Before the concert start  I keep asking myself the same question for  hundreds time ..."I really can see CN Blue in the real life?"
When they stand on the stage. .....I was like Oh My God it's not a dream!

Work as crew for concert was not like ...WoW ! Watch concert for free:/
In the world don't have lunch for FREE or money dropping from sky such things...
We still work ,,, okay:)
The aunty scold me for no reason but it's okay...all I repond was "oh! I'm sorry." And give the aunty a sweet smile x) hahaha! I don't even care the unhappy things ....

Because CN Blue make all the unhappy things fading ....all I remember was I had one of the BEST night in my life..Oppa standed infront of me ...they non-stop sang for few hours ...Oh My God they are much handsome than on the TV and I'M TOTALLY FALLING IN LOVE WITH JungShin OPPA!♥♥♥♥ hahaha

I'm try my best to keep looking at they ...I want to remember their face , smile , eyes ...when they play the musical instrument ....I want to keep it in my brain forever ...and I hope my eyes could take photo x) 
Some fans was busy about to keep video or take photo....and I don't understand ...
Pay few hundred for ticket then should be enjoy the show ...don't busy to take video or photo...because we can always see they on screen  for free....:) no need pay other few hundred fot it.
All I want to says is I hope you enjoy the show too.
Because when you look propely at they...they are actully taller than on the TV. Their skin was smooth ...and oh my god their muscle and and and they are more handsome than on the TV.  SERIOUSLY .

And talk about JungShin oppa now....cause 我被煞到一个不行,丢了魂,现在还找不回来.LoL <3
Oh my my my GOD !I like his new hairstyle !all boy should cut this hair style !and and when his play the bass. .he dance ...he act cute..and and and he look at me !Oh my God !take my breathe away !
I starts miss him already ;'(

end !sorry about my english grammar !x)

I'm falling for JungShin oppa♥♥♥♥